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Society Lease Agreement Update

The Society has signed an extension of our Lease with the Pennsylvania DCNR. This will extend our current agreement for three months while we can work out the problems with the proposed lease that increased our rent to $300 monthly. A meeting has been scheduled in January 2008 between the PA DCNR, Senator Rafferty and the Society Leadership to discuss the lease agreement.

Thank you for those who have contacted the PA DCNR and our State representatives. Please continue to let your views known until we come to agreement on a new lease.

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Secretary Michael DiBerardinis (Pennsylvania DCNR)
John Gribosh (Evansburg State Park Manager)
State Senator John Rafferty
State Representative Jay Moyer
State Representative Bob Mensch

Please note that Rep. Jay Moyer has committed to helping us out on this and with our previous experience with him we do not doubt he will do what he can. Thank you Rep. Moyer!