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Ben Web, President of Skippack Historical SocietyDrive down our main thoroughfare in Skippack, dear reader, look to the left and right. You will not see Dunkin’ Donuts or Dairy Queen. You will see buildings from the nineteenth century, nearly all in good repair, delightful to the eye with individuality and detail. We cannot stop the relentless march of progress, but we can preserve a few examples of beauty specific to a slower time.

Traveling from the east along Route 73, look to your left as you enter Skippack. You will see the Indenhofen farmhouse, a stone structure that dates back to... read moreLink

HISTORY 101: Skippack's Indenhoffen House

Check out this article published in the The Times Herald Newspaper.

The Historical Society of Skippack has seemingly picked an appropriate place to put its headquarters, as well as its impressive collection of artifacts collected over a period of many years; the Indenhoffen House, a quaint and attractive farm house which is a remnant of the very first homestead in what was once called Skippackville...

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